Sunday, 5 March 2017

Woman, 35, gives birth to conjoined twins fused at head, doctors say they may be sharing brain (photos)

A 35 year old woman has given birth to two healthy conjoined twins fused at the head but separate bodies facing opposite directions.
Doctors say these two cute girls may be sharing brain, would need surgery to separate

The mother, identified as Sarifa Khatun from India, reportedly gave birth to the conjoined twins at home when her water broke and there was no transport in the village to take her to the hospital.

Dr Aaatur Rahman says the baby girls have healthy set of limbs and vital organs but would require major brain surgery to separate them, as they may be sharing brain.

The mother gave birth to these conjoined twins at home

The parents, Mrs Khatun and her husband Mr Yakur Ali, have since been informed about the crucial surgery that will give the babies a normal life.

"The babies are stable and healthy and can be separated through brain surgery. It's a very rare case that requires only a neurosurgeon," says Dr Rahman, who is a paediatrician.

He has referred the babies to a more advanced hospital in Guwahati where other surgeons will look into the complexity involved and advise the parents accordingly.

For now, the deeply concerned parents can only sit back, pray and hope that the surgery will go on well and give their twins a normal life.


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