Monday, 21 August 2017

Here’s How to Get Clear Skin in 15 Minutes or Less

get clear skin in minutes
For all of summer’s greats, including but not limited to fresh berries and long soleil-filled weekend getaways, the season has a funny way of taking an unwanted toll on skin. And while protection from the sun’s harsh rays is key, the dehydration, accumulated sweat, and daily layering of SPF can often lead to seriously blocked pores.
Fortunately, a slew of new over-the-counter products are sweeping the nation, and unlike retinol and other prescription acne treatments, this solution doesn’t make skin sensitive to the sun and still provides all the same bacteria-fighting benefits of its hardworking counterparts.

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Long has blue light technology—“LED lights, or light emitting diodes, that have the power to penetrate the skin and heal from the inside out,” says Weill Cornell Medical College’s Michelle Henry, M.D.—reigned supreme at dermatologist offices worldwide, but now it arrives by way of affordable handheld spot treatments and device-activated face masks.
Want to reverse seasonal woes by targeting and shrinking oil glands and reducing inflammation? Try Neutrogena’s new two-minute, portable treatment zero-recovery-time apparatus in the comfort of your own home. “Plus,” adds Henry, “the devices also emit a slight amount of heat that when coupled with the light helps to diminish pore size.”


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